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The ongoing pandemic has drawn quite a number of parallels with the last historical event that most of our founding stockholders have endured - World War 2. Both events had a great number of casualties in terms of lives affected (and lost) , and sent the world economy spiraling into a recession.


The parallels, however, do not end there.  As our veterans can attest, after adversity comes rebuilding and recovery.  The Philippine Veterans Bank is committed to keep on serving its clients in the new normal by being instrumental in building a better normal.


Register and join us at the PHILIPPINE VETERANS BANK Annual Stockholders' Meeting and Election of Directors on September 10, 2021 which will be held virtually, in the interest of public health and safety. 


In order to proceed with your registration, please read the Philippine Veterans Bank's Data Privacy Policy and confirm your concurrence with our regulations on how we shall handle your data.


Upon registration, Philippine Veterans Bank will validate your details and send an email and text message with the 2021 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting link and the voting code. Please check your spam or junk mail in case your system filters the message.

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